No Depression - Superior Lead Vocals & Surreal NYC Blues That Lives up to Their Name
Paul is one hell of a rock/blues/Americana/Roots vocalist and he deserves to be heard because the band he fronts is first-rate, they're original, and they say what they need to say through their music in an entirely creative manner. Hats off to the entire band who propelled this music exactly where it belongs and made it attractive to the ears in a six song EP.
No Depression The Roots Authority
Songs should be compelling…intriguing and exciting. Had he lived, Jim Morrison of The Doors would produce a band like this today. This is that proverbial tea with honey and more than a jigger of whiskey added.
Musical Mish Mash UK
"There is a lot to be said about the music on this EP, it’s just a seamless transition from song to song and is a very good example of Ten Ton Man’s talent. The song writing is excellent and everything about it just makes you want to carry on listening to it." Musical Mish Mash UK
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Given our predilection for weird, we were first drawn to Ten Ton man under the hopes this would be a rather large fellow (preferably playing a ‘funny’ instrument. Maybe a ukelele or ocarina). While we may have had our heads in dreamland, we found that the reality was vastly more entertaining.

Hailing from New York, lead singer and songwriter Paul Livornese has played on the scene in various projects throughout the 90s punk scene and was also active through the 00s. While it seems he had his own ideas in the past, it is only now he has decided to come to the forefront and share his musings and messages.

Ten Ton man have very uniquely found the perfect recipe for Americana- every track is marinated in what simply feels like America. Every note, every melody, every movement seems steeped in a period or sense of place, be it a dusty, dank saloon with the track on tension tighter than the barmaid’s bust in her corset; long summers in the Sun spent whiling away time with freedom and adventure on the horizon.

While maybe not referencing them, CF felt all aspects and incarnations of American Arcadia, entrenched and imbuing our earholes. Quite the spectacle you can imagine on the Tube. Folk/Country artists face comparisons to a certain Mr. Cash. But while the man is so ubiquitous in the scene you might as well call it CASH, Ten Ton Man seem to draw much deeper from other wells. Most strikingly it is Nick Cave but there’s also a little hint of Orbison, when he wants to come out. It’s magnificent and way beyond the boundaries of expectations, it’s distinctive and snags your ear.

Set to what is best defined as gutsy, gritty folk-blues with post punk prickliness steeped in the spirit of America, it’s perfect for losing yourself in. While it would be a longshot to get Ten Ton Man to plot a jaunt in the UK and time shoon, we wait with glee for any news and new tracks being released across the pond.


Aquarian Weekly "The bluesy, soul-filled record keeps giving..."
A home-run hit is what you can expect from Ten Ton Man. The trio blends their music together with archetypal Americana vocals, a multitude of electric guitar effects providing variation track to track, a subtle upright bass to hold the bottom end securely and anchor the group, and the drumming of Paul Triff, who keeps the whole thing running naturally like a well-oiled machine.

Thumosaic Brainworks
"Ten Ton Man is Paul Livornese’s creation, and this folksy, countrified blues creation is something that rivals Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young. There is a rarely a song that is so reflective that it strikes the perfect resonance inside of your soul, and “Dearly” gets even the darkest hearts rocking with remembrance..."

In Forty
"this is ultimately a timeless rock disc that makes excellent use of banjos, slide guitars and sincere, forthright storytelling..."

Mad Mackerel UK
"It is well worth some ear-time..."

Culture Catch
"A little junkyard dog roots-rock with some New York City grime rubbed in for extra tonal texture..."

The Huffington Post
"Striking the Right Chord by Starting a Band After 50"
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